Amos Kamil

Author, Screenwriter, Brand Strategist

The Flame Keeper (A full length One Act Play)

The Flame Keeper, a two person play based on Kamil’s maternal grandfather Julius Reiter, ran off-Broadway for five and half months and has been performed regionally and internationally. The Flame Keeper chronicles the tense relationship between a non-Jewish cigar shop owner and Jewish professor returning to his native Berlin in the aftermath of WW II. The play has been translated into Hebrew, French, Italian, and German. 

Chasing .400  (A screenplay with Jason Noyes)
Tommy “Phenom” Feeney, a desperate man, bets his life against a baseball icon's attempt to become the first batter since 1941 to hit 400. He and his unsuspecting son pursue the slugger across America as he tries to save himself by thwarting the country's baseball dreams.